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1996 GMC Dump Truck

Fully functioning Hi-Rail Gear
Fully functioning Multi-Sided Dump bed

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2003 F250 - Robo-Lube

Rebuilt pumps and fittings, truck is good to go anywhere your lubrication needs lie!

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2000 F350

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1998 GMC 3500HD Utility Crew Cab Hy-rail Dually

Truck has 170,000 miles. Diversified Metal Fabricators (DMF) RW-1019 hydraulic rail gear equipped. Bumper mounted controls. Front rail gear equipped with rail brakes. Standard crew cab with bench seats, manual windows and locks, AM/FM radio, wired for a railroad radio, 8ft utility bed with cabinets for torches, welding supplies, and tools. Incorporated hydraulic PTO with hose reel and oil cooler/heater for hydraulic fluid. V8 454 with automatic transmission. Not equipped with A/C.

Additional equipment includes an air compressor and crane.

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1989 Ford 350 Bucket Truck

One ton truck has 70,000 miles on it.

Onan Generator

Versatil Boom

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1978 Speed Swing
- The Speed Swing offers the ability to work both on and off the rails
- Large all-terrain tires for the road
- Hydraulic controlled Hi-Rails for the track.
- The Turbo diesel engine provides all-day productivity
- Start and move heavy loads with ease, including railcars
PettiBone Speed Swing Brochure

Jackson 6500 Tamper

Unit comes complete with light buggy, lights, and camera.

Unit powered by a Detroit Diesel 471 engine.

Functions: Tamping (production, switch, and spot), Aligning, Lifting rail, Super-elevation, and Curves

Unit is equipped with a Computer Curve Liner system. Complete manuals for unit.

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1996 Chevy 3500 Signal Maintainers Hy-Rail

116,000 Miles, V8 350
Reading Utility Bed
Unit includes A/C, Flasher Circuit Headlights, Strobe, Work Lights, Front/Rear Track lights Fairmont 0307-A manual rail gear with insulated wheels (great tread left) Wired for a railroad radio.

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